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Our platform enables you to raise capital and manage investors online.

When co-founders Jacob Blackett and Sterling White set out to begin real estate syndication of their own property investments, they found a void in the marketplace when it came to meeting their technology needs. Without at least $50M in assets under management, most syndicators are not going to find a match in using established real estate crowdfunding platforms. Jacob and Sterling decided to build their own after being turned down by many.

Through their own proprietary real estate syndication technology platform, Jacob and Sterling quickly saw their online real estate fundraising efforts turn into millions of dollars in capital and gained thousands of new investors.

After achieving great scale and efficiency, and graduating from syndicating portfolios of single family homes to larger apartment syndications, this entrepreneurial duo partnered with Ameet Mehta and his team of fintech experts. Together they developed SyndicationPro into a scalable product empowering smaller investors and syndicators to achieve their full potential.

Today SyndicationPro is the most affordable and hyper-efficient real estate fundraising software that delivers on all the tools needed to raise capital faster and manage investors all in one place online, and that will take you from where you are, to where you should be.


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